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In November of 2017 our team began producing the “Stayin’ Alive” weekly pop-up Disco party event series in the SoDo district of Seattle.  Stayin’ Alive was an immersive music, dance and cultural experience hosted onboard the historic Orient Express train cars on 4th Avenue in SoDo (formerly Andy’s Diner est. 1949). 

In an effort to expand on our success and to accommodate an even larger and growing audience, we created Supernova – an exceptional and unique Seattle arts and entertainment venue that provides intersectional community-building unlike anywhere else in our region: the freedom to unequivocally be yourself in a safe, fun, friendly space that caters to diverse audiences, communities and self-expression.

We focus heavily on creating a safe and welcoming environment for women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community as employees, patrons and entertainers. Our safe space and other-worldly atmosphere  takes you away to a place where they can engage with visual art, music, dance and performance art that brings folks together from all walks of life. 

We created Supernova because Seattle deserves an immersive engaging arts and entertainment venue.

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You are the party! The more you give, the more effort you put in, the better your experience.

Play. Explore. Dress SPECTACULARLY,  start a conversation with a stranger, dance like no one gives a fuck. This is your party, participate! Make eye-contact. Turn off your phone, turn on your heart.

Consent Is Sexy!

Not only is consent sexy, consent is everything, on and off the dance floor.

Always ASK before a physical interaction and be sure to get a clear definite “yes” before getting intimate.

It’s ok to say no. It's your choice. Consent is simple: the safer we feel, the sexier we are.

If you’re not down with consent, we kindly ask that you party elsewhere

or better yet… nowhere.


Our space and objects within it are sacred to us. Harm and destruction of all kinds are forbidden. Your entry into our home is a promise to respect and protect it. Honor the humans who work to make this all possible. Show kindness, love and compassion to your fellow guests, staff and the creators... they will do so in return.


Supernova is dedicated to providing freedom from judgment, fear, racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination. Every guest is responsible for upholding this as a safe space for each other to celebrate in, and our staff is available to assist if ever necessary.

Supernova Logo (without BG) [BIG 300dpi]

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110 S Horton Street

Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 474-4341

Supernova Logo (without BG) [BIG 300dpi]
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